Conventions of this site

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  3. Brownish-red ink indicates text referred to by marginal illustrations, comments, or citations.  My comments and additions also are brown.

  4. Where possible, quotations from books are linked to the Google Books page with the original quote.  Otherwise, the links go to the Amazon purchase site, where some books can be searched for the quotation.  Linked book titles go to the Amazon site.

  5. Magazine quotations are usually linked to the original article (some are behind subscription or purchase barriers).

  6. Websites mentioned in the text are linked directly to the originals (which may have changed their content over time).  Ditto for Wikipedia references.

  7. A speaker’s photo in the right margin usually is a freeze-frame from a text-linked video.

  8. Some photos used for illustration have a good link to their source; some don’t—I trawled some of the pictures from the Web early in the research and can’t easily now retrace where I found them.  If you come across proper links and credits, let me know, so I can add them.

  9. Images in the left margin are just for illustration; if they are linked, it is only to their source.

  10. Images in the right margin indicate a text-link to additional material hinted at by the image.  (Links to pages I’ve built are in bold.)

  11. Links to the pages that I’ve built (such as this page) stay within this window (and require “return” to get back).  All other links open a new window.

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  16. —Stewart Brand

Comments by me are brown like this.


“Green From the Ground Up,” Bill McKibben, Sierra,

July/August 2007

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