Pie chart of current Green electricity generation in the U.S., from p 57, Ending the Energy Stalemate.  Text on that page observes:

Expanding nuclear energy’s shares of U.S. and

world electricity generation in the decades immediately

ahead, rather than allowing these shares to shrink, would

offer a number of benefits:

• The crucial challenge of capping and ultimately

reducing U.S. and world greenhouse gas emissions

would be considerably more difficult without the

contribution that expanding nuclear electricity

generation could make to this task. 

• Uranium to fuel an increased number of reactors is

abundant and relatively inexpensive, both in the

United States and worldwide. The uranium-supply

situation is such that the availability and cost of this

fuel are not likely to fall prey to cartels, embargoes,

political instability, or terrorist acts.

• Expanded use of nuclear energy would alleviate

pressure from the electric-generation sector on

natural-gas supplies, helping to constrain increases

in natural-gas prices and freeing up gas for non-

electric applications, with benefits in terms of

conventional pollution, greenhouse-gas emissions,

and energy security.

• Experience with nuclear power plants over the past

decade and more, in the United States and

elsewhere, has demonstrated that these plants can

be operated with high degrees of reliability and

safety and extremely low exposures of workers and

the public to radiation.

These are important reasons for seeking to

make possible a substantial expansion in the use of

nuclear energy both in the United States and abroad.